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Debut of the story  in 1780...

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The Lure of the Falcon (Heinemann Ltd 1978)
(first published by : Éditions de Trévise 1976)

The Lure of the Falcon marks Gilles Goelo's debut as Juliette Benzoni's first male hero in this new historical adventure. The novel opens in 1779 with young Gilles being primed for the priesthood at his mother's insistence. She believes her son's ordination will atone for an affair that left her with a bastard son and deprived her of a religious vocation.
But Gilles' heart rebels and he secretly wishes to go to America with Lafayette to join the fight against the British Imperialists. He also yearns to track down the identity of the father he has never known and whose name his mother refuses to disclose to him.
Gilles' frustrated love for Judith de Saint-Melaine, the daughter of an impoverished aristocrat, finally impels him to leave for the New World. In America, Gilles shows his true colours, both as a dauntless soldier and a formidable ladies' man. The renaissance man par excellence, he swims, fences, rides and makes love all with a nonpareil finesse.
General Washington sends him on an Indian mission in whom he again demonstrates his capacity for heroism and passion. Through a series of bizarre adventures, Gilles comes to terms with his own identity, which is revealed to him by the « Lure of the Falcon

The Devils Diamonds (Heinemann Ltd 1980)

Gilles Gaëlo now Chevalier, nicknamed the Gyrfalcon, hero of the Revolutionary War in America is finally ready for marriage he promised to Judith Saint-Melaine. Glory smiles at him, his reputation for bravery came as far as to Versailles. Back in France, he goes in search of his missing fiancé, who has been the victim of an assassination attempt. He vows to find her and to raise money to buy his family domain. So Gilles leaves for Spain where he meets the Duchess of Alba and falls into the trap of love. She asks him to buy for her the famous necklace of Queen Marie-Antoinette.


The Treasure (not translated in English)

Bastard child destined for the priesthood, Gilles Goëlo left his native Brittany to become a war hero at the side of La Fayette. Now Chevalier Tournemine he fascinates the court of Versailles by the story of his bravery and strong powers of seduction. The long-awaited night of his wedding with Judith, his beloved, Gilles is kidnapped by a woman and taken to a dungeon of the Bastille. With the secret complicity of Louis XVI, he manages to escape. In liberty, he tries everything to find Judith again, who disappeared in despair, believing her husband had betrayed their love on their wedding night.
To save the passion of his juvenileness, Gilles, the Lure of the Falcon, sets off again on the path of love and war ... that of the greatest danger...


Haute-Savanne (not translated in English)

Gilles de Tournemine believes finally to know the delights of love and parts again for America with his young wife Judith. During a halt on the journey, he wins a plantation called "Upper Savannah" located on an island of the Caribe’s. While taking possession of the place, he thinks he has found paradise ... but he discovers hell. The master of the prestigious area, Simon Legros is a greedy and unscrupulous man, desperate to keep the plantation. Facing this new setback of fate, his life also in danger the Gyrfalcon fights with bravely. But he seeks above all to win back Judith who refuses to be his wife, since she knows that Gilles is attracted by someone else. Will they succeed to be united by the desire that binds them together since the dawn of their youthfullness?

Anecdote :

We have learned from Juliette Benzoni at one of our visits, that Juliette had received a personal letter by the 40th President of the United States Ronald Reagan, expressing his congratulation for her excellent narration of the "Independence War" 1775 - 1783 in the first volumne of her Le Gerfaut series « Les Gerfaut des Brumes » (The Lure of the Falcon). The letter was signed also by his wife Nancy Reagan. Unfortunatelly it is not possible to have a view at the letter, it was destroyed in a fire at Juliette's house some years ago!


extract : The Lure of the Falcon
Gilles : But... my father ? (...) His Godfather the abbot de Talhouët : Your father ? He is the last of the scary breed of the Tournemine, who over centuries have melted like birds on prey on anything that came within reach of their laps (...) He was left with no power or the enormous wealth that was said at one time to be theirs, at a certain epoch the lords of the Hunaudaye were only slightly less great Seigneurs than the King of France. His name was Pierre...

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