My dear friend Juliette
in 2009 at Saint-Mandé

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17 February 2013
Linda, webmistress

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Paris, February 8, 2016
beautiful letter by Vincent Meylan...

Well-known French journalist, historian and writer Vincent Meylan, of such books as « Queen's jewels »
or « Christies: The Jewellery Archives revealed » had been a close friend of Juliette Benzoni.
He had sent my friend Frédérique (webmaster of the bibliojbenzoni Blog) and myself such a beautiful  message, (see his article in Vue de Point) I  am still very touched by his personal message to me...Judge for yourself...! The whole article can be read on my Introduction page...

Dear Linda.
Writing so many articles about Juliette and her books has been one of the great pleasures of my life. I was 15 when I discovered her books and they have never left me since. Point de Vue is paying its respects to Juliette next Wednesday in an article that I have written. I hope you will recognize yourself in it. The best definition I could give of Juliette is very simple: She just had an amazing talent. Being one of the very few journalists who has followed her during so many years, I think I can say this. The articles that other journalists could, and should have, written during all these years, would never have been so intense and affectionate, than what I have read on your Facebook pages and websites since the beginning of this week. It is you Linda, and all the readers of Juliette in the world who have written the best articles about her. You have read her and loved her. Nothing else matters. Je vous embrasse and I hope we are able to meet one day soon. To talk about Juliette again and again.
Vincent Meylan

Dear Linda.
 I so understand how dreadful these days must have been for both of you. So many of us feel the loss of Juliette tonight. I know this is something very personal to say, but maybe it will help you a bit. I have decided a long time ago that I would never accept that someone is dead. I just live with it. I do not think people are ever dead. I keep dead people, which I love with me, always - this is quite easy to do in Juliette’s case. Yesterday evening I started reading again Catherine and I so love it. I am so thankful to Juliette for having written such amazing books, which always take me to a place I enjoy so much. Juliette is not gone. You just have to open one of her books to be close to her. Try it.

I remember so well the first time you came to see Juliette. She was a bit anxious. What do you think they want to ask me? She would say. And then, immediately, she loved you both so much. You made her really very happy. You were the ones who made her understand that she did not need to care about the fact that so many journalists ignored her. You brought her the love of her readers and that is all that mattered. I am sending you my private email address by private message and needless to say, I would be very happy to meet both of you whenever you want.
Je vous embrasse très amicalement and do not forget to read a few pages of one of Juliette’s book tonight.

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