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I am happy to offer you some links towards the sites of my friends, who also dedicated their webiste to Juliette Benzoni and her magnificence work and likewise to Marion Sarraut, the sublime director of four of Juliette Benzoni's Bestsellers.

You find here also links to some of the marvellous stars who played in the TV-Series and with whom I have the great honor to be in contact.

Isabelle Guiard (Jeanne d'Arc, Queen Marie-Antoinette)Corinne Touzet (Marianne, Princesse Zobéïda), Philippe Caroit (Pierre de Brézé), Gérard Chambre (Jean de Xaintrailles)

Last but not least, some links to sites who mention  Catherine and the other marvellous books by my dearest friend Juliette - and also those who had been inspired by Juliette's Catherine story to become a writer.

Lions and Lilies
  follow link above... NEW NEW NEW 

Link to my special friends Catherine T. Wilson and Catherine A. Wilson, two beloved Australian authors.
Their book series is called :
Lions and Lilies
a medieval adventures which will surely capture your heart.

Book One - The Lily and the Lion
Book 2 - The Order of the LIly
Book 3 - The Gilded Crown
Book 4 *

* Roar of the Lion - to be published Dec 2016

as a side note, Catherine T. Wilson has reveiled to me that it was Juliette Benzoni's Catherine who had her inspired to start reading. Why not visit their wonderful website to learn more about Cécile d'Armagnac and her sister Catherine Pembroke?


The link to the official Webiste of my dear friend Isabelle Guiard who played in Catherine, One Love is Enough JEANNE d'ARC


Frédérique's Blog is in French and English. You find there everything concerning  Juliette Benzoni's books, articles and photos. The greatest collection of all book covers, which have been on the market since Juliette Benzoni's books have been published. On the same time, a Blog concerning the TV-Series directed by the stupendous Marion Sarraut.
She is also my personal very dear friend, who shares the same passion as me  Juliette Benzoni world.

Logo of the official fansite of Pierre-marie Escourrou

With great pleasure I can add now the Logo of Pierre-marie Escourrou's first and only official Fansite! The site was created on 4.1.2012 and will be continually updated by my dear friend Magali. Pierre-marie will support her with his own personal material, a fact which already please many fans of Pierre-marie. We shall learn about his theater "Compagnie de l'Ange" and shall never seen photos so far. Dear Magali, you know you have the support also of the Catherine de Montsalvy fansite's webmistress and a certain JouJou for this so long awaited fansite.

Logo of the official website of Corinne Touzet

As a rule, I never link to anyone's website, without asking for their permission !  I am very happy to annouce, that I have now the official permission of the webmistress of "Corinne Touzet's"  "Official beautiful website of Corinne Touzet. I confess, I am very proud to have  this honor,thank you Emilie


link to Gérard Chambre's official Website. Chansonnier, song-writer, poet-writer and director of very successful musical spectacles and plays. Gérard Chambre has since the beginning supported the CDM website with precious material, concerning the TV-series Catherine, il suffit de'un amour, Marianne and Le Gerfaut. In 2009 I had the honor to meet Gérard Chambre  in "Théoule-sur-Mer" at Palais Bulles for the first time.

Logo of the Philippe Caroit website

Link to Philippe Caroit's Website for whom he kindly gave us his permission, to mention his Website on our site. His site is fantastic - with terrific facts about his career and beautiful never seen photos - also some of his own paintings. Thank you dear Philippe..

Logo Juliette Benzoni

My dear friend Stéphanie's Website just has about everything you need to know about all of Juliette Benzoni's books. Her site is very multifaceted and offers also a forum. The site is is in French but English is very welcome. To Stéphanie goes the honor to have been the first known Website about the ingenious Juliette Benzoni!


 photo of Juliette Benzoni

The Website of my dear friend Valery is very extensive and there are great goodies to discover. There is also a forum where to participate. Her site is in Russian and the Webmistress is also very fluent in English. Her wide knowlegde of the books is remarkable - she has even translated some of them into Russian :-) Bravo Valery :-)

links to other friends of Juliette Benzoni's books



Sam Stone, a very popular English writer writes on her Blog:


We learn who was also responsible that the Catherine books will finally after decades be re-printed in the English World. Dear Sam, we have not met yet in person yet, but I am sure we shall in the near future - I am very delighted to link to your own Blog, so that readers all over the world might get to know the Fairy-Godmother of Catherine in England.


My dear friend Anna shares the same name as a very famous beloved author, whom Catherine fans surely all know. I am talking about the acclaimed Anne Golon. Who does not remember beautiful golden haired Angelique and her adventures at the time of Louis XIV? Her undying love for Joffrey de Peyrac? Anna's knowledge about books in general is amazing and I am very happy to give a link to her beautiful website. I do not want to miss to mention that she of course loved the Catherine books ! I would love to discuss with her one day both series "Angelique and Catherine" ☺

logo of the Italian Blog La Mia Biblioteca Romantica

link to a lovely Italian Blog,
who talks about Juliette and her books

LibraryThing is an online service
to help people catalog their books easily.

logo of fantastic fiction

link to Fantastic fiction website

link to  goodreads - to meet your next favorite book
and be sure you find all of Juliette Benzoni's books

do not miss to have a look at the
 Madame Guillottine website

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