A bit of history about the city Juliette BENZONI was baptised...
and where the
French K
ings were crowned and anointed.

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The list of French kings who were crowned in the cathedral of Reims is long. With few exceptions, almost all the monarchs of France, were crowned and anointed, in  Notre-Dame de Reims, including Charles VII, who in 1429 was led by "Joan of Arc" in front of the altar steps. Louis XIV the sun king was also amongst the princes of France to be crowned in this beautiful Cathedral.
No church in France has for centuries played such an important role in the history of France as the Reims Cathedral, whose cornerstone was laid 800 years ago, in May 1211. An event which the city of the Champagne cellars, is going to celebrate with many events until the end of October 2011
The importance of the Gothic building, built 1211-1516, goes far beyond its borders. "The cathedral has strong symbolic value, even for Europe,"said the mayor of the city, Adeline Hazan, alluding to recent history. On 8 July 1962 it celebrated in the coronation church, the Franco-German reconciliation. At the reconciliation meeting between Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and President Charles de Gaulle, a huge commemorative plaque  in front of the west facade of the cathedral, reminiscent of that important occasion.
Reims was devastated in World War II by German artillery and air attacks about 60 percent, while the cathedral was heavily damaged, many of the approximately 2,300 sculptures were destroyed and the wooden roof of the 15th Century completely destroyed. President "Raymond Poincaré" declared Reims to "martyr city" in which on 7 May 1945, the surrender of German forces was signed.

text & photos by Linda Compagnoni
During one of my visits to France, I had the great pleasure to join the people of Reims, celebrating the 800 hundredth anniversary of Reims Cathedral in 2011. Frédérique my friend, was born in this magnificent city, where the Kings of France were crowned. She proudly drove me almost in front of the church (be honest dear friend, with me, luck is always on our site to find a parking lot ☺) to watch one of the highlights on that evening

a sound and light show in full color dynamics, which  illuminated the facade of the cathedral at nightfall.



let me introduce you to an amazing link found online, about the most beautiful city REIMS, I have come to love just like it's famous sister in Paris.

It was an amazing spectacle, something which went under the skin so to say. The audience like us, was overwhelmned by the sheer beauty of this great performance which lasted about 20 minutes. Should some of you have the possibility to go to Reims, please do not miss it - it is too marvelous. I swear when I saw the immaginary flags go up, I whispered to Frédérique: "Can you see them? Can see Charles VII with Jeanne d'Arc and our Chevaliers walk with their head held high, into the Cathedral?"

Should some of my photos be a bit fuzzy, I like to appologize. We took them with our cell phones and even though it was almost full moon - it was not an easy task !
Some other photos you see here, I took on one of my earlier visits to Reims.
I confess I adore Reims smiling angel and I imagine our Joan of Arc must have seem him too when she entered the Cathedral for the crowning of the future French King Charles VII.


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While I have introduced to you on this page the beautiful city of Reims in France, it is with great pleasure I like to share with you a link to the website of RV Lifestyle in Australia (text by J Rogers)
100 Things to do in France. I have greatly enjoyed going through all of the 100 excellent recommendations, be that what to do or what to visit in France. I admit it shall from now on be my own guide to visit those places I have not yet been in France.  
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