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We had launched a large project for Juliette Benzoni's birthday in October 2011! Many had answered this call, beyond our hopes, an enormous thank you to all of you. We invite you to view our beautiful message gallery to Juliette further down on this page.  To review the launch of the project here are the details.

In the form of a slide show burned on DVD and a photo album, we were able to surprise on October 30, 2011 our favorite author with a magnificent birthday present . I invite you to read below my report of that unforgettable day


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Let me start this narration by saying, it is almost impossible to express our gratitude with mere words for all the stupendous support we had for our great project called:

« Happy Birthday Juliette Benzoni »

Who has ever heard of something similar? A call to the faithful readers and friends of Juliette Benzoni, Queen of history books all over the world ! For a request to let themselves be photographed with a Juliette book of their choice - plus writing a birthday message to the author who will celebrate her 91st birthday on 30 October 2011 at Saint-Mandé.

My friends, let me assure you, we never expected to receive after almost a month 55 messages. It was a hectic month, it was an exciting month, it was a month of pleasant anticipation. New friends born out of this cause, as I loved to call it. I wrote many letter to Juliette's friends and the former stars of the television series - not really believing that there would be answers...!
However, soon after, the first photos arrived with messages and we rejoiced! The
« blue Gallery»  as we baptized it between us, began to take shape.

Claudine Ancelot, the beautiful woman who had played « Catherine de Montsalvy » had agreed without persuasion to participate, which encouraged us to reach as many of the former stars of the television series. To honour all of you, you can find your name on this page, together with our guests of honour: Marion Sarraut, Claudine Ancelot, Pierre-Marie Escourrou, Gérard Chambre, Pierre Deny and Laurent Le Doyen.

As the « blue Gallery» was filling up, we began to believe in our dream to get at least 50 tender, touching, joyful, stupendous birthday cards. I invite all of you to read one by one these magnificent cards.

On Sunday 30 October, a sunny afternoon, we rang the bell at the house of the world famous French author, beloved by millions of readers. Our hearts full of delight of the coming hours in the company of our dearest friends Juliette and Anne, her daughter. We carried with us a heavy bag with our exceptional surprise of 55 remarkable people, who took their time, to honor an extraordinarily woman!

The gate was opened by a very dear friend of Juliette, who introduced herself to us with the name of « Chantal ». Soon we were dearly and merrily greeted by Juliette, whom we found in excellent health and beaming at us happily and admiring the bouquet of flowers we offered to Juliette.

There followed hours of tremendous joy, laughter, tears of happiness and emotion in the company of a delightful circle of friends. Not missing the delicious cake of LeNôtre, burning candles, and the sparkling champagne. A Juliette, who was looking astounded and moved to tears at the gifts, her faithful readers and friends had presented her. Never has it been more rewarding to be the bearer of such a present as on that unforgettable Sunday!

All of you will certainly understand that I cannot and will not go into details about all her reactions or emotions when she recognized some of the congratulators ! I will leave that up to your imagination, Juliette told us that she would read each message one by one in the next days to come!

Our new friend Chantal de Badts of the French « High Society» an acclaimed journalist and author   exchanged many a time a look with  Juliette, as if she would say: so, those our now your girls « les filles des grands chemins ». The atmosphere was just like I have always imagined a visit to the boudoir of a great aristocratic lady in some beautiful castle.Where menservants served delicious delicatessen, listening to astonishing news, some delicious gossip and reminisce about bygone times.

Too quickly the afternoon came to an end, Chantal hugged us warmly. We embraced Juliette, who asked us to come the next day to get a note; she would love to write to all of you, who have sent their birthday wishes to her. Happily "les filles" gave a last hug to Anne and the gate closed behind us, leaving a more than contented Frédérique and Linda on the streets of Saint-Mandé, smiling like two young girls, who had succeeded in a most wondrous plan...!

Linda and Frédérique
« Les filles des grands chemins »
(as called by Juliette Benzoni herself)


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